Welcome back to the Yarnbrary

Posted by Emily Clawson on

Two years ago, on January 12, 2018, I opened the Yarnbrary. I was so nervous but so excited to be sharing something I'd been dreaming about for years. 

I started knitting in 2012 but really took off in 2013 when a serious illness left me confined to my bed for several months. Knitting became my comfort and sparked my imagination in a way that no other craft had before. 

It wasn't long until I discovered the unique beauty that hand-dyed yarns offered to a knitter. The dimension an variation of color that was an art in itself, was my new obsession. I dreamed of creating my own yarns and finally too the plunge.

After two years of business, I'm so happy to be re-opening in this new site, with new colorways, new bases, new patterns, and luxe new accessories to share my love of books and knitting more fully with my wonderful customers and friends. 

I hope that you find what you are looking for, something to spark your imagination,whether it's to get you to try a new technique or yarn, or to read a book you've never read before. 

All my love,

Emily, The Yarnbrarian